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As a reader, you're sure to ask about credentials. You can enjoy looking into 41 books that credit me as author, co-author, or ghost-writer, including fantasy, biography, early childhood education, community service for teens, career guides in the fields of advertising and journalism, courtroom trials, and personal financial planning. My feature articles have appeared in Advertising Age, Air & Space Smithsonian, American Way, Atlantic Flyer, Boys' Life, Country Home, The New York Times, Notre Dame Magazine, Parents, Private Pilot, Your Money, and other national periodicals. I've also written extensively in the world of advertising, publicity, and collateral corporate materials.

Some earlier books that give you rewarding, informative, entertaining reading:

My Tyler's Titanic is the story of what happens when an enterprising boy and his dog find a way to visit the great wreck on the ocean floor. For more details, click on "My Works" above and on Tyler's Titanic under "Fantasy" in right-hand column on this page.

The Wright Brothers: Inventors of the Airplane invites the reader to live the times during which the genius brothers astonished the world not only with their inventiveness but with their common sense. My The Poisoned Life of Mrs. Maybrick is the biography of an American woman who, in Liverpool, England, in 1889, was not only the principal in one of history's great murder trials but (according to recent research by experts) was probably the wife of Jack the Ripper. My Helping Your Child Start School is an introduction to kindergarten for parents. Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Become Dollar-Smart, co-authored with financial planner Elizabeth Lewin, helps parents teach children, ages 7 to 18, how to handle money.

You can use this website to find out more about these and some other books I've written. Just click on MY WORKS at top of this page.

Book doctor

If you would like to take advantage of my experience as a book doctor--experience that includes ghost-writing seven published books--please send me a description of the book project you have in mind . . . not too long, but long enough to tell me what it's all about.

Writing/editing services

My wide background includes writing for a range of clients in such areas as corporate brochures, publicity, and direct mail. If you need help with the creation or editing of written work, please send me your description of the job at hand.

To reach me:

Click on Contact in blue banner across top of page. Or e-mail me at

Thank you! . . . Bernie Ryan

Here you'll gain insight into at least 103 subjects, ranging from history to biography, from show-business celebrities to unknowns remarkable for their inventions and achievements. Including both fiction and a wide variety of descriptive essays, Six to Five Against: A Miscellany is a 318-page book that reflects the philosophy of writer Damon Runyon, who said, "I long ago came to the conclusion that all life is six to five against." For details, click on "My Works" above.


You love TV's "Mad Men" on AMC? Then you'll thoroughly enjoy my novel, The Poodle at The Poodle, a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest. This book takes you right into the advertising business in the 1960's. To get details and see Midwest Book Review's enthusastic review, click on "My Works" (above).


You like to re-live those faroff days when you were very young and life was very simple and local? You'll really get a kick out of my fun-to-read memory book: A Boy at The Four Corners: Looking into Small-town America in its Prime. Note Midwest Book Review's strong approval and the book's special appeal to FDR buffs. More details? Click on "My Works" (above).