Bernard Ryan, Jr.

Publisher: Walker and Company, 435 Hudson St., New York NY 10014. ISBN 0-8027-7429-6P.

Simple Ways to Help Your Kids Become Dollar-Smart

Editorial review from Library Journal

The authors, a certified financial planner and a writer on parenting issues, give parents 125 clever and innovative ways to teach children the value of money and how to use it wisely. They show how to develop savings and spending plans linked to the stages of a child's financial maturity. Organizing their material around the concepts of money coming in, money going out, borrowing money, and saving money, Lewin and Ryan clearly describe a variety of techniques to help parents cope with an issue of ever-increasing importance as businesses target children as consumers. An additional chapter describes handling money at college. Public libraries will want to consider. -- Vincent P. Schmidt, SWL Inc., Santa Barbara, Cal.


INTRODUCTION: Money Talks, and Your Kids Are Listening

1. MONEY COMING IN: Getting an allowance . . . Doing chores . . . Earning money . . . Getting gift money

2. MONEY GOING OUT: The spending plan . . . Wants versus needs . . . Shopping versus spending . . . Spending really big money--the car . . . Hello, checkbook! . . . What about taxes? . . . Giving money . . . Lost money

3. BORROWING MONEY: Going into debt

4. SAVING MONEY: Putting across the idea . . . The savings account . . . Where to put savings?

5. OFF TO COLLEGE: And in conclusion . . .


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