Bernard Ryan, Jr.

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Community Service for Teens (8 volumes)

From the Critics:

These titles fill a niche brought on by the national trend toward community service requirements for schools. Six out of ten American teenagers work as volunteers . . . yet finding positions for volunteering in certain geographic or interest areas can be difficult. These books offer many suggestions for students to find positions that meet their individual needs. . . . [They] empower students to be active in their communities, providing resources including addresses of agencies, tips for completing resumes, and applications for specific positions, and bibliographies for further readings on the subjects. . . . Voices of youth resonate throughout the text and there are numerous photos of students on their jobs. - Ann T. Reddy-Damon, Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA): The library magazine serving those who serve young adults

Each of the volumes . . . guides readers through a step-by-step approach to learning what volunteers in different fields do, discovering what rewards they'll reap, and determining if that area of volunteer work is right for them. Ryan provides specific contacts . . . and suggests general starting points for contacting local groups potentially in need of volunteers. . . . Ryan infuses his prose with enough enthusiasm to inspire readers . . . and the testimonials provided . . . help readers get a clearer idea about why volunteering is a good way to spend free time. - Roger Leslie, Booklist

Community service is rapidly becoming a requirement for high school graduation. The 8-volume set, Community Service for Teens, is an essential reference resource for students who need to choose an area of volunteering. . . . The format includes providing an overview of the field, describing what the volunteer will do in the field, and a detailed discussion of the type of place where a person can volunteer. Each of the volumes has a variation of what benefits exist to the volunteer and a list of where volunteers can find opportunities. There is a glossary and suggestions for further reading at the end of each volume. Community Service for Teens is written at the average reading level of teenagers. - Independent Publisher

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