Bernard Ryan, Jr.

The practical 200-page guide. ISBN 0-385-47556-X.

Advertising for a Small Business Made Simple

From Amazon Editorial Reviews:

The newest book in the Made Simple series helps small business owners understand every aspect of advertising--and how to apply smart advertising to their businesses and make them flourish. In addition to the vital and practical advice concerning advertising, all aspects of integrated marketing communications are addressed. - Ingram Book Group, leading wholesaler of trade books

Selected Works

104-page chapter book for all ages: How a boy and his dog manage to visit the shipwreck, what they do, and whom they meet.
Two who (in their own words) "lived together, played together, worked together, thought together"
Life of the principal in one of the world's great murder trials, who may have been the wife of Jack the Ripper.
Life story of the U.S. Secretary of State in the administration of President Barack Obama.
125 Dollar-Smart Tips for Today's Busy Parents
Parenting Guide
A practical and thorough guide that gives parents a preview not only of what happens in kindergarten but why it happens.
Teenage Volunteering
Eight books covering opportunities for teens to perform voluntary community service
Three major works reporting courtroom trials throughout history and in our time

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